Promoter Info

12 Points Plus is a touring package featuring artists who have appeared in the 12 Points Festival. If you are a music promoter venue or festival, and would be interested in hosting a 12 Points Plus event at your venue or festival, we would love to tell you a little more about this initiative.

Since we started 12 Points Festival in 2007, we have engaged with many talented, hard working and ambitious young artists, and we are confident that their music has a bright creative future. However, we are also aware of the challenges of generating performances and developing careers beyond the achievements they have made at local or national level. We believe that the mechanisms of European jazz could be more efficient in pushing emerging artists through the performance structures, at least in comparison to the speed at which, for example, pop and rock respond to new talent. The solutions to this are complex and not easily realised. Projects like 12 Points Plus are our small response to this structural question, and along with other initiatives and new thinking that we see around Europe, we believe it can help accelerate the process of bringing these artists' work to a wider audience, and help develop the artists who will be the creative engine of European jazz in the years to come.

After every festival edition, three bands will be selected to go forward for 12 Points Plus. We will then take the responsibility to organize a 12 Points Stage, featuring these three bands, as part of the programme at other festivals and venues, not unlike a showcase/label/themed night. We first tested this format at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival in March 2011. It worked really well for the festival, the artists and us, and you can see a short promo film we made about it here:

The three bands we selected from 12 Points 2011 are Kaja Draksler Acropolis Quintet, Elifantree and MeTaL-O-PHoNe, and they will participate in the programme until February 2013. The bands selected from 12 Points 2012 are WorldService Project from London, Actuum from Paris and Big Blue  from Helsinki, and they will participate in the programme until February 2014.

As you can see, this creates an ongoing rotation where we will be offering two different mobility packages simultaneously to give you a good stylistic choice and to allow us to have a longer, two-year engagement with the artists. The partner festival/venue pays a guaranteed fee for the three-band package plus hotels, backline and local transport. 12 Points will pay all the artist performance fees, international flight and other travel and production costs.

The booking process will be jointly managed by 12 Points in Dublin and our partners Vest Norsk Jazz Senter in Bergen. Once a 12 Points Plus event is confirmed, all logistics, travel and production arrangements will be advanced in Dublin, and the artists will receive their travel, hotel and other relevant information from us. We will in effect act as their agent and production manager. And you will be assured of a very professional, hassle free process through us, on their behalf. We will also provide a tour manager, and PR support and marketing materials, as you require. The above would not mean that we are seeking to become an agent to these artists for all their work, only for the 12 Points Plus events.

If you like the sound of 12 Points Plus and feel that it would be a good addition to your venue or festival programme, we will send you on more detailed information, and would be happy to discuss any aspect of the 12 Points Plus Project with you.