Virta Helsinki


Helsinki, Finland

Band Members


  • Antti Hevosmaa - Trumpet, Electronics, Vocals
  • Heikki Selamo - Guitar, Electronics, Vocals
  • Erik Heikkinen - Drums, Percussion


'Electronic, sometimes psychedelic and extremely elegant melange of jazz.' - Rumba Magazine (Finland)


An expansive sound from this young Finnish trio, led by Antti Hevosmaa on trumpet, Heikki Selamo on guitar and Erik Heikkinen on percussion. For a bassless trio, Virta create a huge soundscape; expressive, avant garde & eminently fresh with an occasional nod to fellow Scandinavian sonic experimenters Nils Petter Molvaer & Jaga Jazzist. A unit since 2011, their playing is characterized by skillful musicianship and inventive use of electronic effects, with occasional atmospheric vocals from Antti. Virta have gained reputation as a fierce live ensemble, with stand out performances at Pori Jazz in Finland and Match&Fuse Festival in Norway.





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