Taupe Newcastle Upon Tyne


Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Band Members


  • Jamie Stockbridge - alto saxophone
  • Mike Parr-Burman - guitar
  • Adam Stapleford - drums


“Intense and full of studied and carefully controlled chaos.” - Seth Tinsley, Narc Magazine


North East England has steadily developed a reputation of producing visceral, sonically compelling bands that feature razor-sharp polyrhythmic play, exploratory improv and raw, high energy live performances that can turn on a dime. The current torchbearers are Newcastle’s Taupe, an exhilarating trio who draw collectively on free jazz, math metal and hip-hop grooves to post-bop, skronk and whatever takes their fancy, to deliver invigorating and explosive music that is as exciting as it is uncompromising. As with other bands in this sub-set of sonic explorers, there are plenty of sharp turns, sudden stops and labyrinthine, complex rhythms that thrive on the blurring of all boundaries. Taupe’s uninhibited yet frenetically tight and inventive musicality sends a clear statement of intent. We say bring it on!

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