Robocobra Quartet Belfast

Robocobra Quartet

Belfast, United Kingdom

Band Members


  • Chris Ryan - drums/voice
  • Tom Taboroi - soprano saxophone
  • Peter Howard - tenor saxophone
  • Nathan Rodgers - bass guitar


"Exploratory pioneers." - BBC Radio 3 Late Junction
"A cunning marriage of jazz, spoken word, punk and avant-garde" - The Quietus


Drawing influence from post-punk and jazz improv, Robocobra Quartet intentionally cross genre lines to create music that is as unclassifiable as it is artistically uncompromising. Propelled from the drum throne of drummer-vocalist Chris Ryan, gritty and witty incantations, accompanied by swirling reeds, electronics and bass defiantly rages against the machine.

Performing at 12 Points on Thursday 26th September. Book here.

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