Pascal Schumacher Quartet Luxembourg

Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Luxembourg, Luxembourg


  • 12 Points Festival 2008

Band Members


  • Pascal Schumacher - Vibraphone
  • Christophe Devisscher - Bass
  • Jens Düppe - Drums
  • Florian Weber - Piano


My oh my... Three words for last night’s concert: energy, energy, energy. (...) rarely have I seen young jazz musicians play acoustic jazz with this combination of energy, enthusiasm, joy and technique. (...) The pleasure they took in their music-making was evident, both visually, in the exchange of looks and smiles, and musically. (...) It is great fun watching this group play together, as they a - Mwanji Ezana (


Many are called, few are chosen to master the vibraphone, but Luxembourger Pascal Schumacher is well on his way to joining the masters of this member of the percussion family. This is an instrument that often guards it melodic potential jealously, but Schumacher has a marvelous pianistic touch borne of a lengthy classical background, always coaxing subtle shades of colour and dynamics, and heard in the context of compositions that are deft and persuasive in all emotional terrain. Like the best small group writing and playing, the creative load is evenly distributed and sharing it here are some exceptional young players. Appropriately for a citizen of one of Europe’s smaller states, Schumacher, now based in Brussels, keeps pluralist company, with Belgian bassist Christophe Devisscher and Germans Florian Weber (piano) and Jens Düppe (drums).


  • Bang My Chain (2011)
  • Face to Face (2010)
  • Here We Gong (2009)

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