LABtrio Ghent


Ghent, Belgium

Band Members


  • Bram De Looze - Piano
  • Anneleen Boehme - Bass
  • Lander Gyselinck - Drums


Mathieu Durand - Jazz News, Dec 2013 - Halfway between a telluric Supersilent, a tortured E.S.T. or an acoustic Flying Lotus, the music of LABtrio has still very little to do with the cosmopolitan world of it's mentor's trio [Aka Moon]. But they have one thing in common: the status of charming ambassadors of Belgian jazz


Our only piano trio might also be the youngest performers at 12 Points 2014. Though still in their early twenties, Pianist Bram De Looze, bassist Anneleen Boehme and drummer Lander Gyselinck have been playing in trio for six years, and that graft is now bringing its rewards. Based in Ghent, They’ve won a raft of awards and they exemplify the qualities that have become a hallmark of jazz in Belgium, with music that is fresh, intelligent and contemporary in its aspect. There’s an urban sensibility with bass ostinatos and grooves that evoke the late Esbjorn Svensson and original writing that assimilates the wider tradition of piano trio. Still developing, there’s a collective confidence and attention to detail that can only flourish in the years ahead.



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