Filippo Vignato Trio Venice

Filippo Vignato Trio

Venice, Italy

Band Members


  • Filippo Vignato - trombone, filters, electronics
  • Yannick Lestra - Fender Rhodes, bass synth, FX
  • Attila Gyárfás - drums, electronics


"Among the bright stars of italian jazz..." - Thomas Conrad, The New York City Jazz Record


Italian trombonist Filippo Vignato has been lauded in his home country, winning multiple awards with his pan-national trio. Through the somewhat unconventional combination of trombone, Fender Rhodes and drums the group deftly mix the organic and the electronic for hard grooving music that is as unexpected as it is unpredictable.

Further artist information coming soon.

Performing at 12 Points on Friday night.

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