Alarmist Dublin


Dublin, Ireland

Band Members


  • Neil Crowley - Drums, Keyboards
  • Elis Czerniak - Keyboards, Guitar
  • Osgar Dukes - Drums
  • Barry O'Halpin - Keyboards, Guitar


"Like the original prerequisites of the term post-rock, they use their instruments of rock in ways that incorporate jazz, electronic and truly experimental textures to create something unlike the standard. Alarmist’s music spins and pivots in motion and colour.” -


Dublin’s a musically vibrant place, and this is reflected in the DNA of Alarmist, whose backgrounds range from jazz, math rock, electronica and formal composition. They’re crafting very personal and detailed music, and it offers further proof that the next generation of musicians are untethering themselves from the old stylistic dogma. Genres are harvested and manipulated, and multi instrumentalists Neil Crowley, Elis Czerniak, Osgar Dukes and Barry O'Halpin take a quasi orchestral approach that allows their music to hover in its own instrumental space, gravitationally pulled toward a rock aesthetic but constantly implying other philosophies in a way that excites.


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