Artist Testimonials

“Great experience! It's very nice to have a festival that takes risks, that brings groups from all over Europe with many different influences in jazz scene. And the result is, the audience is there and motivated and open to discover new and different things. I appreciated very much how we were welcomed and the venue and everything. Also the festival did a great job in communication and promotion. Very nice videos, clips, posters and so on. Very kind and friendly crew!”
Anil Eralsan - Auditive Connection - 2015

"Thanks Ken and all others at the IMC for organising a really great festival. It was great to be a part of it. I had a wonderful time. My overall experience was great. Let me say again that I thought the festival was great! I found it incredibly inspiring, motivating and energising! Thank you for that!"
Chris Engel - UMBRA - 2015

"Lovely to play!! Nice!"
Miranda Bjerking Raeder- Black Dough - 2015

"It was absolutely great, great accommodation, great food, great people and great music. I loved that the festival always seemed to put the music first. We got to play real length concerts, and we got to present our music under very good circumstances. Other festivals I've been to before have prioritised differently, and it makes you feel less valued as an artist. At 12 points we felt very well taken care of and appreciated, and I guess that affects the music and allows it to be as good as it can be! Super-nice people. Our artist liaison was really sweet! We got all the help we could get. No problems."
Anja Lauvdal - Moskus - 2015

"Thank you all again for the wonderful festival it was a big pleasure to play there, the audience was fantastic, the venue was beautiful and the festival crew was extremely super nice and relaxed! And it was very nice to meet so many inspiring musicians! Everything was very well organised when we finally get to Dublin. I’m a fan of the Jazz futures, I got the comic of 2014! 3 concerts is just perfect.
You guys are doing a great, very important, very difficult job! Thank You so much!"
Benedikt Reising - Hildegard Lernt Fliegen - 2015

"One of the best experiences an artist can have on a festival. The program of artists was extremely smart and well-thought.
The quality and maturity of the music is higher then any (jazz)festival I already experienced, mainly also because there is no main "well-known” act. This new "underground” is absolutely a trademark of 12points that I wouldn’t want to see fade away.
Meeting artists and people in the field was amazing, especially in this comfortable situation. As an artist it was in a way intimidating to see all these great bands, but because there was absolutely no competition and the program was build in that way that everyone's music had its own place."
Lander Gyselinck - LABtrio - 2014 
"I enjoyed being part of a bigger thing. It was inspiring to hear all the other bands and to meet the various people from the european jazz community."
Marcin Masecki - 2014 
"I feel it was great to be there for the full three days of the festival, that made it an experience to think about. The Jazz Futures talks were great - I wish we had a chance to do things like this more often and put all of our strengths together in order to make things happen. The fact that there were bookers, education managers and musicians was very interesting because that way a lot of different perspectives on our professional life could be heard."
Mark Schilders - The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble - 2014 
"It's clearly a privilege to be chosen, and so I realise the importance of really making the most of all of the opportunities - and I feel that the whole thing was structured really to help all of the artists do this."
Alexander Hawkins - 2014 
“12 Points really took some risks and showcased many sides of modern jazz, even the very extremes, arguably stepping beyond what most people would call jazz. I think that is highly commendable.” 
John Dikeman - Cactus Truck - 2013
“The 12 Points experience has been amazing from the very first email. The organisation  to get us over to Ireland was really helpful before we even got there, and the welcome and atmosphere around the festival couldn't have been better.“
Ben Cotrell - Beats n’ Pieces Big Band - 2013
“For me it was such a pleasure to perform for this audience. As a young musician, I had the opportunity to listen and meet with other talented young musicians of the festival and some of them really inspired me.”
Nikolas Anadolis - Thessaloniki - 2013

"It´s very hard trying to make it as a jazz musician, and 12 points provides an excellent platform for young artists to get heard in the international scene."
Joonas Leppänen - Big Blue - 2012

"12 Points was an amazing experience for all of us, and personally speaking it was so inspiring to hear so many different bands all with such a strong identity of their own. It has definitely awoken some compositional ideas within me, and 'musically refreshed' me."
Dave Morecroft - WorldService Project - 2012

"The most remarkable lesson to learn from this festival is: how to succeed in having a full house every night with relatively unknown groups"
Louis Laurain - Actuum - 2012

"I was surprised how many young people there were in the audience. It’s fantastic and can’t be taken for granted – it’s the jazz audience-to-be."
Lucia Cadotsch - Schneeweiss uns Rosenrot - 2012

"12 points feels like a kind of reward for all the work we put into this group and the fun we have with it. It keeps us motivated as a group."
Fulco Ottervanger - De Beren Gieren - 2012

"This was the ideal experience. For the first time we had the opportunity to be part on a major Festival with bands from all over Europe. It was great to get in touch with a very professional organization, and, at the same time contact with journalists and promoters."
Hugo Carvalhais - Hugo Carvalhais "Nebulosa" - 2012

"12 Points was a great and inspiring experience. Wonderful audience and great music and musicians from all over the world! I hope there will be more festivals like this."
Anni Elif Egecioglu - Elifantree - 2011

"Playing 12 points was an amazing experience for Phronesis. A great way to be exposed, meet and get to know other young European artists with a similar agenda. Nice to realize you are not alone."
Jasper Hoiby - Phronesis – 2011

“We could never imagine a festival like this. Full of inspiring, unique young artists always ready to hang out and share. A very dedicated organization team that managed to create a truly uplifting mood all the way through the festival. The concert hall was full every night and the audience answered the artists with a great energy. For us it was a very very special experience!”

Kaja Draksler - Acropolis Quintet – 2011

“I often experience a harsh climate on jazz festivals, but 12 points sets a great standard. I came home, not only with a great concert-experience, but with new friends and wonderful meetings. There's a true and warm spirit in 12 points and their crew that has the ability to spread trough out the audience, the musicians, the technicians, and the concerts. It's simply about meeting, sharing, inspiration, music and love. And it works so good, just like that."

Isabel Sorling - Isabel Sorling Group – 2011

"The friendliness, warmth and hospitality of the irish people is legendary. Combine it with a flawless organization, a gorgeous setting and amazing playing conditions (oh the grand piano!) and you have the 12 points Festival, one of Europe's nicest. We had a fantastic time playing there."

Colin Vallon - Colin Vallon Trio – 2011

"12 points is an amazing meeting place for young musicians from all over Europe. The idea of young bands performing at their own festival with an excited audience backing them up is inspiring. For Pelbo it was a great experience with a new audience, city and festival. Thanks to all the workers at 12points for these great couple of days!"

Ine Kristine Hoem - PELbO2011

“12 Points! was an amazing experience for us. It presented an opportunity to check out new, exciting music from all over Europe. At the same time we were able to meet up with like-minded festival organizers, promoters and journalists in a supportive and relaxed environment. Several contacts made at 12 Points! have come to fruition including a booking at North Sea Jazz Festival! 12 Points! fills a gap in the industry by it's recognition and support of 'next generation' artists, it was an honour for us to be in Stavanger in 2010.”
trioVD 2010

"I was impressed by how well the 12 Points! festival had been organized and the way it was run.
Musically speaking, the festival showcased a wide variety of groups and musicians, and offered us artists the chance to promote our music to an international audience, also offering networking opportunities amongst other things.
I enjoyed my stay at this unique festival, and performing at the 12 Points! Festival it is one the high points of my career."

Kasperi Sarikoski - Quarterester 2010

"12 Points Festival is one of the greatest jazz-happenings I've ever participated in. It's really fruitful both for improving a young musician's individuality and for becoming part of European jazz community.
Professional level is given and high, but with a friendly atmosphere.
Organization is perfect and very much supportive. I hope to return once and participate again!"
Daniel Szabo - Daniel Szabo Trio 2007

“We had a great time in Dublin at the festival. Starting with the good organisation, transport, etc. The people from the staff were friendly and helpful - good sound technicians by the way....which we were very happy with.
Enjoyed the food they served at the restaurant before the gig grin
The audience was very diverse mix, quite some young people from different countries, a very enthusiast crowd. That gave me an extra boost on stage.
All together a great festival and we'd love to come back to Ireland/Dublin some other time.”

Friedmar Hitzer - Zapp String Quartet 2009

“12 points will stay in donkey monkey memory for ever; it's one of our best musical & human experience in our band life.
We are very touched, and it gives us a big energy to continue this beautiful movement: to spread and help what we trust in, to give human feelings to humans, to serve music, to breathe together threw music the time we are here on this earth!
And I would like to add that we've got a lot of amazing feedback about our performance in 12 points! throughout people of IMC and programmers who are for real booking us, discovering us. It's a BIG help, ENORM help for us. After so much work we did. Here are some nice days for donkey monkey where people want to listen to what we've been preparing/"cooking" for them. We continue. Second album soon.
Thank you 1000 times!!”
Eve Risser & Yuko Oshima - Donkey Monkey 2010

"Given the reputation which the 12 Points! Festival has already achieved I was honoured to be invited to participate this year with my trio. The standard of the festival in terms of its facilities, organisation and execution was second to none and I feel the experience garnered from partaking was extremely beneficial to each member of the group. In short I believe the 12 points festival provides valuable professional level, real world performance experience for young musicians in a supportive and creatively diverse atmosphere."
Mark McKnight – Mark McKnight Trio - 2010

"12 points was a remarkable experience for Albatrosh, with a great audience and with unique opportunities to meet up with fellow musicians from all over Europe. Some of the people we met, and some of the contacts we made has proven to be very useful for our further development. We had a great time playing at the 12 Points! festival. The staff was dedicated and helpful, the audience was wonderful, and we heard a lot of interesting music!"
Eyolf Dale - Albatrosh – 2009

“12points! Festival has been for us a wonderful experience. It was very exciting to share the stage together with all the other European bands and it is a great opportunity for musicians to see what the others are working on.
12points! also gave us the possibility to meet European tour managers and festival directors which is a very interesting thing for a young band like us. Everything was just perfect, the venue was great with a very good sound, the hotel was very nice and perfectly located, everything was perfectly organized and we have been very much impressed by the commitment of all the IMC staff there!
12points! has been for us a delight from the moment we arrived until the late after our jam session with Dubliners and festival participants! It will for sure be one of our best foreign musical experience.
Again thank you very much, and congratulations for creating and perpetuating what we see as one of the most "have to go there" jazz festival!!”
Emile Parisien - Emile Parisien Quartet 2009

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my time being part of 12 Points! Festival. Not only was it fantastic opportunity for us to play further afield and to be heard by a new audience. It was also a chance to hear what other young musicians are playing from all over the continent. I heard some great music over in Dublin. Also, we were treated so, so well!! You all made us feel welcome and the whole festival ran without one hiccup.“
Chris Williams - Led Bib 2007