Press Quotes

Dublin, 2018

"If you care about music, and seek an antidote to the blandness of mainstream mass culture, you know where to go." Alan O’ Riordan, Irish Examiner

"The 2018 programme was a fantastic success…each of the four days was really well attended with a very lively and responsive audience of all ages and a very good gender balance…there was huge amount of variety" Tony Dudley-Evans, London Jazz News

"12 Points continues to deliver some of the very best creative music in Europe … one constant has been the originality of the participating bands and their willingness to take risks. It's what makes every edition of this festival such a unique event, beloved by audiences and musicians alike. 12 Points 2018 was no exception." Ian Patterson , All About Jazz


San Sebastian 2016

“In a situation of increasing confusion and conflict... it is important to emphasize that an event like 12Points operates from the ground up. Its core is in the regional backgrounds and characteristics and the deeper cultural specificities and sensibilities, rather than from projections, constructs at the national level.” Henning Bolte, London Jazz News

“12 Points encourages us to engage with a sense of place, to think about the similarities and differences between people and cultures through music, and to consider the importance of improvisation in art and everyday life.”  Tony Whyton, Chime Project

 "More interesting than comfortable" Miguel Martin, Director of Heineken Jazzaldia Festival San Sebastian

“One of the strengths of this unique wandering festival, now in its tenth year, is its scrupulous horizontality: every 12 Points artist gets the off-stage respect and technical attention of a headline act, and all twelve get equal billing and stage time.”  Cormac Larkin, Irish Times journalist and film maker

“12 Points fixes its gaze on the future. The young musicians participating in the festival will anticipate where jazz and what direction it will take in the next ten or fifteen years.” Heineken Jazzaldia

"I would recommend this festival to anyone interested in exploring future directions in jazz." Tony Dudley-Evans, The Jazz Breakfast


Dublin 2015

"helping to develop the band's careers, and building audiences receptive to music that shies away from codified styles and easy categorisation seem to be the twin engines driving the 12 Points juggernaut" Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

"Jazz's sometimes hollow boast to be the sound of surprise is a given throughout 12 Points. Four dizzyingly diverse international triple-bills... (a) splendidly challenging festival" Nick Hasted, Jazzwise UK

Umeå, Sweden 2014

"12 Points, the peripatetic musical showcase with it's finger on the grooving pulse of Europe's new jazz" Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times

Dublin 2013

"12 Point's Festival offers a feast of cutting edge music... you won't get better bang for your buck all year." The Irish Examiner, February 2013

"Peripatetic New Music festival 12 Points has fast become one of the highlights of the euro musical calendar, winning awards for adventurous programmin and bringing a new generation of creative European musicans to a wider audience" Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times, February 2013

"A celebration of the shock of the new in jazz and music... (with) more than a few flavours to tempt a curious audience" Laurence Mackin, The Irish Times, February 2013

"12 Points has become synonymous with new European Jazz ... a unique opportunity to give oxygen, freshness and ideas that do not end in 'one-night' performance on the international jazz scene. "Daniela Floris, Jazzitalia (translated from Italian)

"European jazz has a young, smiling face, which was evident in Dublin at 12 Points festival" Marek Dusza, Rzeczpospolita, Poland (translated from Polish)

Porto, 2012

“Festival Director Gerry Godley has managed to create a curiosity around the concept of this festival that triggers interest in the audience, and representatives of several of the annual festivals. He (and his talented staff) have managed to get a perfect and receptive audience.”
JazzNytt, May 2012  (translated from Norwegian)

“The festival is all about the freshest, hottest sounds in jazz and contemporary experimental music.”
Laurence Mackin, The Irish Times, February 2012

“Innovation is the watchword for the festival, the brainchild of the forward thinking Improvised Music Company, headed up by musician and broadcaster Gerry Godley.”
Jazzwise magazine February 2012

Dublin, 2011

"A wittily conceived repost to the vapid excesses of the Eurovision Song Contest the 12 Points festival returned to Dublin to present another compelling showcase of high level creativity from an impressive array of emerging European Jazz talents. "
Mike Flynn, Jazzwise

"This was a superb night’s music, with three slots of very different jazz and a thrilling indication of how much various musicians are pushing the musical envelope in Europe."
Laurence Mackin, Pursued by a Bear, The Irish Times

"An extraordinary festival. All week musicians and punters have been making the trek across the Liffey after the final set of the night to listen to improv sets in the Foam festival club. Many of the 12 Points artists have taken the time to hang around the city and spend some time jamming, chatting and enjoying each others’ company, and in a way this facet of the festival is just as important as putting on shows. Last night, the open jam session threatened to lift the roof off Foam, when Pauli Lyytinen and Nick Roth went toe to toe on horns, while Isabel Sorling, reluctant to leave after playing here on Friday, scorched her way through some extraordinary, almost pre-verbal vocal lines, and Derek Whyte lead the local contingent that drove the whole, wild party on. Roll on next year. "
Laurence Mackin, Pursued by a Bear, The Irish Times

"Europe's pre-eminent showcase for young jazz artists"
Eamon de Paor, MetroHerald

"Listen without prejudice"
Jim Carroll, On The Record, `The Irish TImes

"Each band brought a strong flavour of its native scene and sensibilities, which made for fascinating contrasts: we heard Portugal’s cool melodicism, Dutch pastiche and light-heartedness, Swiss classical sophistication, French Afro-rhythm and a kind of Scandinavian quirkiness in the Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish groups."
Patrick Groenland, Journal of Music

"12 Points! is all about camaraderie not competition, and with the audience palpably buzzing, they were ready for even more sonic exotica."

Mike Flynn, Jazzwise


Bergen, 2010

“Lancé à Dublin en 2007, le festival 12 Points ! a pour particularité de présenter 12 jeunes groupes issus d’autant de pays européens à un panel de journalistes et de décideurs susceptibles de les programmer ou de faire parler d’eux, ainsi qu’au public local.” [Launched in Dublin in 2007, the 12 points! festival has the peculiarity to show 12 young bands from 12 different European countries to a bunch of journalists, decision-makers – likely to programme/schedule them or talk about them – and to the local audience.]
Thierry Quenum, Jazz Magazine France


Dublin, 2009


“Straight-ahead, experimental, vocal and even psychedelic jazz all find a place on the bill” - Totally Dublin

"..a veritable gem of a festival and now stands amongst the most important fixtures on Ireland’s music calendar with a reputation that is rapidly growing internationally” - Sunday Tribune

“The 12 Points! festival in Dublin offered the best of Europe’s innovative young jazz outfits”- Irish Examiner

“Balanced between innovation and tradition, the cerebral and the visceral, the programme was an in depth survey that showed how thoroughly European artists have mastered the traditional vocabulary of jazz while enriching it with deep reference to their own cultural norms.” - Journal of Music in Ireland (JMI)


Dublin, 2008


“The festival does not only focus on the epicentre of jazz music in Europe but also on the periphery of it, on scenes that are not reviewed that often.“ Karsten Muetzelfeldt, DLR

“12 Points has placed Dublin at the centre of European jazz. It is now the place to check out the very best emerging young talent from across the continent”. - Jazzwise UK

“ opportunity for local and visiting music professionals to catch live sets from a dozen emerging jazz acts from all over Europe” - The Irish Times


Dublin, 2007

“A four-day event hotwired into the changing dynamic of the contemporary European Jazz Scene” – The Observer

“12 Points showed just how diverse, vibrant and imaginative music has become in the old world… Already unique, it has the potential to grow into something important like the Sundance Festival”
Ray Comiskey ,The Irish Times

“What a wonderful premiere of this promising festival! You guys did a great job and one could feel at all times that the musicians felt no good.”
Karsten Muetzelfeldt, Jazzthing /DLR