What is 12 Points Festival?

    Based in Dublin, with partners right across Europe, 12 Points festival showcases young, creative artists in jazz and related music. Our mission is to assist and promote these emerging artists, bringing their music to new audiences. 12 Points Festival alternates between Dublin and other cool European cities.

    What is 12 Points Plus?

    Through our mobility programme 12 Points Plus, we extend our relationship with festival artists, who help us in our mission to give audiences throughout Europe a flavour of the next jazz generation. At the end of each festival, three bands are chosen to participate in a two year mobility cycle called 12 Points Plus, and we find engagements for these artists at other festivals and venues in Europe. 12 Points PLUS ran from 2011 until earlu 2014 but is no longer an active programme. Festivals or venues interesetd in programming 12 Points artists however should contact DIrector Kenneth Killeen ken@improvisedmusic.ie 

    What is the festival format?

    12 Points lasts four days, with three bands performing each night for 60 minutes each. We also have a nightly festival club, hosted by local musicians from whichever city the festival is taking place in. The artists are invited for the duration of the festival, as we really value the opportunity this creates for everyone to interact.

    When was 12 Points established?

    The first edition of 12 Points took place in Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland, in April 2007.

    Who organizes 12 Points?

    12 Points is organized by Improvised Music Company (IMC), a not for profit jazz producer and resource organization based in Dublin. For information on our other programming activities in Ireland.

    Who programmes 12 Points?

    Artists are selected by a programming team compromised of IMC in Dublin, our principle partners Vest Norsk Jazz Senter in Bergen, and relevant venue partners.

    How do I apply?

    Due to the very high volumes of applications we receive, you can only apply through the online submission form. Before you apply, make sure you are eligible for 12 Points by reading the guidance notes here.

    What are the artist terms?

    12 Points has no hierarchy. All artists stay in the same hotel, eat the same food, use the same equipment and receive the same fees. You can find more details here.

    How is it funded?

    12 Points is an ambitious undertaking that would not be possible without the support of a fantastic partnership of funders. Core funding is provided by the EU’s Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), matched by funding from Arts Council Ireland, Norsk Kulturrad, Culture Ireland, Vestnorsk Jazz Senter and Casa Da Musica (2012 Edition). Further funding is realized through multiple European agencies and music organization that support the participation of artists from their respective countries.

    Are you an agent?

    No. With the exception of securing engagements through our 12 Points Plus events, we do not represent the artists who appear in 12 Points. We will be happy to pass on your details to any festival artists you may want to get in touch with.

    Can I volunteer?

    Absolutely. To apply for our volunteer programme, contact us at info(at)12points(dot)ie.

    Where can I learn more?

    You can find a detailed description of 12 Points here, and there are extensive artist and media archives on the festival website.