What is 12 Points?

Based in Dublin, with partners right across Europe, 12 Points showcases young, creative and ambitious artists in jazz and related music from all points on the continent. Our mission is to assist and promote these emerging artists, bringing their music to new audiences.

12 Points Festival alternates between Dublin and other vibrant, young European cities. In February 2012 we were in Porto, Portugal. April 2014 was Umeå in Sweden, July 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain and July 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Increasingly, our artists are appearing at other leading festivals and venues across Europe, and we are a database and up to date resource for anyone with an interest in happening music from Dublin to the west, Skopje to the East, Gothenburg to the north, Porto to the south and everywhere in between.

You don’t know diddly about new jazz in Europe until you’ve checked out 12 Points!