David Desmond

  • Kenneth Killeen

    Kenneth Killeen is now the Festival Director of 12 Points, after working as Production Manager since the very first festival in 2007. When he is not longboarding or engrossed with the latest technological gadget, he try's to keep the 12 Points train on the tracks. A former musician and jazz club owner, he has worked in the music industry for 14 years and has been part of the 12 Points team since its inception. He is also an avid tea drinker and collects trainers, tee shirts and anything electronic.

  • Aoife Concannon

    Aoife Concannon is the PR & Marketing Manager for 12 Points and Improvised Music Company. She has been working with Arts and Music festivals and events for over ten years and 2015 will be her fourth 12 Points festival! She reckons it is probably the best damn festival in Europe, and loves having her ears opened to such a diverse and exciting spectrum of music

  • Dave Desmond

    Dave is the Production Manager of 12 Points Festival and handles all logistical and technical aspects of the event. He has extensive musical knowledge with a degree in music from UCC, as well as experience in music production, sound engineering, event management and production. Dave also likes to try his hand a jazz piano and guitar (but he's not very good).